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  • “范文大全” 演講稿


    發布時間:2019-06-15 14:31:25 來源:演講稿 手機版



      Good morning(afternoon), dear teachers and fellow students. It’s my great honor to stand here and share with you a happy morning(afternoon). I am No__. My topic is “Keep your goal in mind” .I hope you will enjoy it.

      Do you have a goal for your work? Do you have a goal for your study? Do you have a goal for your life? Maybe I will get an affirmative reply. Yeah, Everyone has a goal of doing something. There is no doubt that a goal is very important in our life. Now I want to tell you a true story in my school life. I have learned a lot from it.

      I never forget last year’s school sports meeting. 1500-meter race was one of the most exciting. Before the race, my best friend XiaoShan had a goal to be No. 1. As a matter a fact, she is not so strong, but she is a sunny girl. She is active and likes doing sports. What’s more, she tries her best to achieve the goal, but I wonder if she is able to be the champion. There were eight players in the race. On the first lap, she was in the sixth place; On the second lap, the took the fourth place, she went on running and she ran toward her goal, the goal in her mind, Look! On the last lap, she was the first to pass the finishing line, she was the winner. Oh, great! She made it! Congratulations!

      At that time, I knew a goal was so necessary and important. I made a decision : “I want to take part in the English Speaking Competition held in my school. What’s more, I will try my best to be No.1 in the competition as my best friend XiaoShan did in sports meet. ” I am sure of it. I still remembered what my English teacher said to us. He said :“if anyone took the first place in our school English speaking competition, he or she will be chose to take the competition held in Jinjiang. It’s a great honor!”

      Though I can do well in my English written exams, however, to be honest, I am a little afraid to speak English in public. My English teacher often encourages me: “RaoNing, your voice sounds so beautiful, be brave, you will succeed.” From then on, I kept a goal in mind. I said to myself aloud: Stick to your goal and you will win. And then I try my best to improve my oral English and dare to speak either in class or after class. At last, I took part in the Competition and became No. 1. I am chose to take part in the next year’s English Speaking Competition held in Jinjiang. I said to myself aloud again: Come on! You will win.

      How time flies! Today I am a lucky dog. I am very honored to give you a speech. I hope everyone has a dream! In fact, we should work hard to make our dream come true. Otherwise it will become day dream. At the same time, I hope everyone has a goal in mind, because the goal is the first step to success. Come on, my friends, goal, goal, goal, success, success, success!

      That’s all. Thank you for your attention.


      Youth Day (青年節) in the People's Republic of China is on May 4. It was established in December 1949 by the Government Administration Council to commemorate the beginning of the May Fourth Movement in 1919. This day is known as ...

      May Fourth Movement

      Chinese intellectual revolution and sociopolitical reform movement (1917 – 21). In 1915 young intellectuals inspired by Chen Duxiu began agitating for the reform and strengthening of Chinese society through acceptance of Western science, democracy, and schools of thought, one objective being to make China strong enough to resist Western imperialism. On May 4, 1919, reformist zeal found focus in a protest by Beijing's students against the Versailles Peace Conference's decision to transfer former German concessions in China to Japan. After more than a month of demonstrations, strikes. The movement spurred the successful reorganization of the Nationalist Party and gave birth to the Chinese Communist Party. See also Treaty of Versailles.

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